8x8 Double Dog Kennel

in Elizabethville, PA
- Also serving Berrysburg, PA
8x8 Double Dog Kennel in stock at Pine Creek Structures of Elizabethville (Berrysburg), PA
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Our Medium Double Kennels include two separate 5'x4' exterior run areas, featuring composite decking. No rotting or splinters and it makes clean up easy. Each side also includes a 3'x4' enclosed area with door to protect your pet from the hot sun or cold wind/rain/snow. There's even two end vents to help the air circulate inside!

Come see it in person at Pine Creek Structures of Elizabethville (Berrysburg), PA. Call Leroy at (717) 362-6974 for more info!

8x8 Animal Shelter
Index #: BG 22891
Beige 50-Year MFG Warranted LP Smart Siding
Red Trim
Charcoal Lifetime MFG Warranted Shingles
Clearance Model: Sold As Is. (No Top-To-Bottom Warranty)
Covered Exterior Runs to keep your pets out of the hot sun and protect them from rain and snow.
Chain-link panels to keep your animals separated and two chain-link gates in the front for easy access
Composite Decking: No rotting, no splinters, easy wash-down, and comfortable for your pets
Two end vents
Keyed lock on door in back